To preserve the proud legacy of the Purple Heart Medal.

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May-June. 2022

Patriots & Associates:

It is my sincere hope this finds you all doing well. 

The renovations at our Citrus County Building Alliance bimonthly meeting location are coming along very well and we will be able to meet there on May 17and all future meetings. I am especially pleased to report that the acoustic issue that made hearing difficult has been fixed with acoustic ceiling tile, carpeting and compartmentalization of the meeting hall area. 

Many exciting things are happening with our Chapter and the Citrus County School District.Thanks to the interest of Darrick Buettner,  Coordinator of Special Academic Programs for theCitrus County SchoolDistrict, a partnership has been formed to assure the continuance of our annual Purple Heart Ceremony each February. More on that at our next Chapter meeting.  

Our Chapter continues to perform within our community earning the respect and support of our community. The Citrus County Clerk of the Circuit Court has expressed its interest in becoming the Chapter’s 14th designated Purple Heart Entity with target date of June 14, which is Flag Day. Through the dedication of past and present Chapter members, we have made a solid imprint on our county as we strive to preserve the proud legacy of the Purple Heart. 

We have Patriots and Associates that constantly amaze me with the good works they do. I am so very proud to have the honor of being a part of this Family.

Please continue to look out for each other and stay safe.

Very respectfully,

Richard Hunt, Commander

Aaron A. Weaver Chapter 776 Military Order of the Purple Heart, P.O. Box 1345, Lecanto, FL 34460-1345

Tel:  352-637-3265 or 352-382-3847               Email: